Tobacco cutting for chewing, shisha, bidi & snus

GTC 400

Are you cutting Chewing, Shisha, Snus or Bidi tobacco? Then highly manual operation, dusty working environment, inflexible machine settings and long downtimes are probably part of your daily business.

Our solution – the Garbuio GTC 400 cutter5x30 mm lamina_2

  • High level of automation
  • High flexibility: different cutting shapes & range of capacity
  • Easy operation: only 1 hour training required
  • NTRM prevention in final product
  • Less dust
  • Low maintenance: only knife exchange required
  • Easy safety access control

Product description

The GTC400 is a rotary cutter that ensures high efficiency and incorporates Garbuio's technical expertise as a leading supplier in tobacco cutting machinery. It can cut a wide range of tobacco types for various products: lamina, stems and recon for shisha / hookah, classic pipe, cigars, THP, etc. The capacity range is flexible and can be adapted according to customers’ requirements as well as the cutting shape. The cutting operation itself guarantees minimum dust generation, resulting in a higher yield and a clean work environment. Standard bronze band slats prevent NTRM from ending up in the cut product; a band chute and bin are provided to easily collect small particles. The GTC is controlled from a single on-board station equipped with an HMI touchscreen.

Minimum training is required and settings can be changed quickly, making operation and maintenance easy.

Technical data

  • Tobacco type: Lamina, stem, recon
  • Mass flow: up to 2,000 kg/h
  • Cut width: 1 - 20 mm
  • Moisture: 12 - 18%

Key options

  • Knife-sharpening grinder jig
  • Easy clamping arrangement for knife sharpening
  • Dust extraction filter
  • HMI-controlled feeder-hopper belt with an auto interlock to the cutter as well as variable speed settings